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Decoding data from the Eastron SDM230-LoRa

Identifying your meter

The Eastron SDM230-LoRa is a single-phase DIN rail mounted electricity meter that communicates over LoRaWAN. As illustrated by the image (left) below it will say SDM230-LoRa to the top right of the backlit display beside the Eastron logo. The Serial Number (SN) is located on top, above the display as displayed in the image (right).

Eastron SDM230-LoRa

Connecting your meter to a LoRaWAN Network Server

The SDM230-LoRa can be connected to any LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) including TTN, TTI, Chirpstack and Loriot amongst others. cThings Cloud provide an end-to-end in-built LNS with pre-configured decoders to facilitate connecting the SDM230-LoRa to your existing system. Contact us to find out more.

The SDM230-LoRa must be setup as a Class-C device

Decoding the default data received from the SDM230-LoRa

All SDM230-LoRa meters come with a default configuration pre-installed. If a custom configuration has been requested, see the section below on custom configurations.

By default, data will be sent from the SDM230-LoRa every 30 minutes. Below is an example hex encoded payload that could be sent from a default configured meter (it has been conveniently separated into chunks to match the decode in the table below).

01354BEC 01 14 3C83126F 436D3798 00000000 3F800000 4248320D F792

The meter will send the data in a single payload with the 5 default parameters. The below table shows how to decode the payload and parameters.

Byte RangeDescriptionData TypeExample HexDecoded
0-3Serial NumberUINT3201354BEC20270060
4Message Fragment Number (always 1 for default configuration)UINT8011
5Number of Parameter Bytes in this Payload (always 20 for default configuration)UINT81420
6-9Total kWhFLOAT3C83126F0.016
18-21Power FactorFLOAT3F8000001
26-27Modbus Checksum-F792-

Custom Configurations

Your SDM230-LoRa may have been configured to send different parameters in a different order. If this is the case, you should have received more information about your custom configuration when you ordered your meter.

Advanced Decoding


By default, the SDM230-LoRa will send 5 parameters in a single payload (one message fragment). For non-standard configurations more parameters may be sent in which case the payload may be fragmented across multiple LoRaWAN payloads. Each parameter will always be 4 bytes in length, starting from byte 6 (0-based) and the final 2 bytes of the message will always be a 2 byte Modbus Checksum.

01354BEC 01 0c 00000000 4376b005 3f800010 8D 09
01354BEC 02 0c 3f800000 42480000 00000000 61 dc

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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