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What parameters are available for the Eastron SDM630MCT-LoRa Electricity Meter?

What parameters are available for the Eastron SDM630MCT-LoRa Electricity Meter?

The following tables are a list of parameters available for the Eastron SDM630MCT-LoRa Electricity Meter.

General & Total Parameters

Total CurrentA0A
Neutral CurrentA0B
Total Power FactorNone0F
Total Active PowerW13
Total Reactive Powervar17
Total apparent PowerVA1B
System Phase AngleDegrees1F
Maximum Total System Power DemandW20
Maximum Total System Reactive Power Demandvar21
Maximum Total System Apparent Power DemandVA22
Maximum Neutral Current DemandA26
Import Active EnergykWh2D
Export Active EnergykWh2E
Total kWhkWh2F
Import Reactive Energykvarh30
Export Reactive Energykvarh31
Total kVArhkVArh32
Total kVAhkVAh33
Active Energy by Algebraic Sum MethodkWh46
Reactive Energy by Algebraic Sum MethodkVArh47
Resettable Total Active EnergykWh48
Resettable Total Reactive Energykvarh49
Resettable Import Active EnergykWh4A
Resettable Export Active EnergykWh4B
Resettable Import ReactivekVArh4C
Resettable Export Reactive EnergykVArh4D

Phase 1 (L1) Parameters

L1-N VoltageV00
L1-2 VoltageV03
L1 CurrentA07
L1 Power Dactor-0C
L1 Active PowerW10
L1 Reactive Powervar14
L1 Apparent PowerVA18
L1 Phase AngleDegrees1C
Maximum L1 Current DemandA23
Phase 1 L/N Volts THD%27
Phase 1 Current THD%2A
L1 Import kWhkWh34
L1 Export kWhkWh37
L1 Total kWhkWh3A
L1 Import kVArhkVArh3D
L1 Export kVArhkVArh40
L1 Total kVArhkVArh43

Phase 2 (L2) Parameters

L2-N VoltageV01
L2-3 VoltageV04
L2 CurrentA08
L2 Power Factor-0D
L2 Active PowerW11
L2 Reactive Powervar15
L2 Apparent PowerVA19
L2 Phase AngleDegrees1D
Maximum L2 Current DemandA24
Phase 2 L/N Volts THD%28
Phase 2 Current THD%2B
L2 Import kWhkWh35
L2 Export kWhkWh38
L2 Total kWhkWh3B
L2 Import kVArhkVArh3E
L2 Export kVArhkVArh41
L2 Total kVArhkVArh44

Phase 3 (L3) Parameters

L3-N VoltageV02
L3-1 VoltageV05
L3 CurrentA09
L3 Power Factor-0E
L3 Active PowerW12
L3 Reactive Powervar16
L3 Apparent PowerVA1A
L3 Phase AngleDegrees1E
Maximum L3 Current DemandA25
Phase 3 L/N Volts THD%29
Phase 3 Current THD%2C
L3 Import kWhkWh36
L3 Export kWhkWh39
L3 Total kwhkWh3C
L3 Import kVArhkVArh3F
L3 Export kVArhkVArh42
L3 Total kVArhkVArh45

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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